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Breaking down v02 changes


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The pandemic hit Stack Overflow Talent pretty hard. It was time to take a step back and look at the business and what we were selling. The company decided it was time to take the product in a different direction. Based on previous research, we decided to fill the need of employer brand awareness. A lot of design changes came with this pivot and are still occuring to this day, but one worth discussing immediately are the changes that came to the reporting section.

After the original reporting section launched, the feedback we received from Customer Success and clients was that the Branding tab was by far the most difficult to undertand. They weren't sure what to do with the metrics nor did they understand what some of them even meant. In addition to the client confusion, another team at Stack Overflow launched their own reporting feature without taking inventory of other reporting features around the company. This created not only an opportunity for alignment, but a need for it.


This new Brand Awareness offering included three new features—followers, shared company ads, and content feeds. In order to prove the value of these features, it was important to the business that we add metrics around these features to our reporting.

The first step in reworking this page was to take an inventory of the exisiting metrics, discuss if these metrics would still be in use, and then speak with Customer Success and clients to see if the ones that were still in use, were useful.

Version one of brand reporting Version one of brand reporting page.

More coming soon